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Top 16 Most Valuable Old Chinese Coins Worth Money

As a collector or coin seller, did you know that Chinese coins have one of the richest histories in the world? But which of them will be a fortune in your collection?

Well, you should worry less, for you are about to know. Anyone who loves the Chinese culture will want to own these currencies.

If the coin is in the best state, you’ll also love the beauty of its art. The coins have different features that determine their prices.

These specs speak a lot about the nation’s culture. Mints made them using gold, silver, or copper metals. So, here are the 16 most valuable old Chinese coins.

Most Valuable Old Chinese Coins

1. 1897 Kuang-Hsu Proof Dollar Chinese Coin

1897 Kuang-Hsu Proof Dollar

This version of the Kuang-Hsu coins came during the early years of Hsu’s reign. Expect the currency to have a plain edge with quality fields.

Even if the coin is old, you’ll still see its fine details on the head and tail. Its unique colors make the currency look much more beautiful.

The 1897 Kuang-Hsu is a unique coin. China released the coins, but the Heaton mint in England minted them. These proof coins never circulated.

Remember, it helped the people of Kiangnan to trade. Below are the coin’s main features.

  • They are of a silver metal and with a reeded edge.
  • China released them in 1897
  • They go for around 240 000 USD in their best grade


2. 1904 Hupeh Tael Chinese Coin

With more than 100 years old, it’s not easy to get these coins in today’s market. It’s because China allowed them to circulate for only a month.

Also, the nation made very few pieces. Remember, it was during the 30th year of Kuang-Hsu’s reign. China made them serve the people of the Hupeh area.

So, with such history, expect many people to go for these coins. These are the main specs to know about the 1904 Hupeh Tael.

  • The nation struck them in 1904
  • They have reeded edges and a silver body.
  • At the best grade, Hupeh Tale coins sell for at least 144 000 USD


3. 1907 Kuang-Hsu Gold Pattern Kuping Tale CD Chinese Coin

1907 Kuang-Hsu Gold Pattern Kuping Tale CD

Today, there are very few pieces of this 1907 Kung-Hsu gold pattern Kuping. You’ll rate this coin because of its beauty and metal value.

The coin has four words on the front: “Ta Ching Gold Coin.” Still, six characters on the front show that China struck the coin during Kuang-Hsu’s reign. It was during Guang XU’s 31st year.

When you look at the coin’s tail, there’s a giant dragon in the clouds. Also, below are the coin’s key specs.

  • It has a gold metal body with a reeded edge
  • The nation struck the coins in 1907
  • These coins sell for about 150 000 USD in their best grade


4. 1908 Chihli LM-465 Dollar Chinese Coin

1908 Chihli LM-465 Dollar

These coins came in during the Kuang Hsu’s final year. Many collectors value these coins because of their history.

The Tientsin mint from the Chinese Ministry of treasury struck the coins. It was during China’s Republic era.

Today, the coins are rare in the market. It’s why many collectors yearn to have them on their list.

You’ll love the beauty of the dragon’s art on the coin’s head. Also, the words on this one dollar say much about China’s heritage. Below are the critical aspects of the coin.

  • This coin has a silver body and reeded edges
  • At a grade of NGC AU 55, they sell at 41 600 USD
  • The government minted them in 1908


5. 1910 Yunnan Silver Dollar Chinese Coin

1910 Yunnan Silver Dollar

This beautiful silver dollar is one of the rare Chinese coins. Its design on both sides says much about the nation’s history. So, expect most people to value it at a high price.

Also, the 1910 Yunnan silver dollar has value because of the legend “spring dollar.” Remember, no other Chinses coin has such a term.

On the head, the letterings show that China minted these coins during Emperor Xuan Tong’s reign. It was from 1908 to 1912.

The coin’s tail looks much more imploring with the dragon art. Here are the coin’s other vital aspects.

  • China first minted the coins in 1910
  • You’ll sell or buy it from at least 59.90 USD to as high as 1 035 000 USD
  • It has a silver metal body


6. 1911 YR3 L & M-37 Dollar Chinese Coin

1911 YR3 L & M-37 Dollar

You’ll love the coin’s art, both on the head and tail. The designer Luigi Giorgi from Tientsin mint made the art.

China struck these coins in high numbers at Wuchang and Nanking mints. But today, they are pretty rare to get.

Collectors yearn to have them, especially when in their high grades. Also, the words on the head have a deep history of China. Here are more features of this beautiful coin.

  • Wuchang and Nanking mints first struck them in 1911
  • They have a silver metal body with a reeded body
  • These coins have an average price of 751 USD


7. 1911 Silver Long Whiskered Dragon Dollar Chinese Coin

This coin has a high quality because of its design on the obverse and reverse. Also, it has the Italian coin engraver Luigi Giorgi’s sign.

They are one of the best items that Luigi designed. It shows that the coin’s value comes from the artwork.

Expect to see a unique dragon with a whisker in the clouds at the coin’s tail. Remember, the art shows how the Eurasian culture blended into China.

Every buyer loves to have this gem in their collection. Now read on to see more about this whiskered dragon dollar.

  • China struck them in 1911
  • They have reeded edges and a silver metal body.
  • In their best grade, they go for between 400 000 to 500 000 USD


8. 1914 Yuan Shih-kai Silver Pattern Chinese Coin

Collectors love this coin because of its art. It carries a deep message about China’s heritage.

There’s the sign of the wreath of flora with a grey color on the coin’s tail. The coin has the portrait of Yuan Shih-kai, the first President of China, on the head.

So, besides showing Yuan’s power, the coin marks a critical time in China’s history. Many would love to have this coin because of the rich history it holds.

Also, it’s called the Luigi Giorgi coin. It’s different from the others because of Luigi Giorgi’s sign on Yuan’s shoulder. Here are some of the other vital specs.

  • China struck them in 1914
  • They have a silver body and some copper pattern
  • At the best grade, the coins sell at 132 000 USD


9. 1916 Hung Hsien L & M-942 Dollar Chinese Coin

1916 Hung Hsien L & M-942 Dollar

These coins have a high price because of the rich Chinese history they carry. Also, the coin has Hung Hussein’s portrait while in military wear and a hat on the head.

China made the coins to honor Hung’s time when he came to power. Also, it was after Yuan Shih-Kai’s death.

Remember, China never intended to circulate the coins for trade. Keep reading to see some of the coin’s vital facts.

  • China struck them in 1916
  • You’ll buy or sell them at an average price of 10 158 USD
  • They have reeded edges and a silver metal body


10. 1921 YR 10 Yuan Shih-Kai Silver Dollar Chinese Coin

1921 YR 10 Yuan Shih-Kai Silver Dollar

This coin was the last to show Yuan Shish-Kai’s portrait on the head. Also, it carries China’s peace sign, the wreath.

Yuan’s portrait is there to honor his reign in China. After he died, it was now the end of the emperor’s era and the start of the warlord’s leadership.

Remember, many collectors love Chinese coins with much history. So, expect to get a good amount of cash when you sell this coin. Let’s now see the key specs about the coin.

  • The coin’s body is silver
  • The mints struck them in 1921
  • Prices start from at least 163.54 USD


11. 1923 Tsao Kun Silver Dollar K-678 L & M-959 Chinese Coin

1923 Tsao Kun Silver Dollar K-678 L & M-959

If you have interest in the old Chinese coins, these coins will attract your eyes. These gems also Tso-Lin’s face on the head.

The portrait makes the coin to be in heavy demand. Today, the Chinese honor Tsao Kun because, as the president, he brought in the constitution in 1923.

At the tail, the coin has two flags. So, these items honor China’s growth. Below are the other vital features of the currency.

  • The mints made them from a silver metal
  • They have reeded edges
  • China struck them in 1923
  • These coins start to sell at 13 145 USD in their best grade


12. 1924 Republic of China Silver Dollar Chinese Coin

1924 Republic of China Silver Dollar

The coin from the Tianjin mint showed that there was a peaceful ruling in China at that time. This message is through the wreath at the tail.

When you have the one in at least the excellent grade, you’ll the design. Its details, like the Duan Qirui statue, are perfect.

These coins speak much about Tuan Chi Juis, China’s ruler. Below are the other vital features of this coin.


13. YR 17 China S$1 LM-871 Pattern Chinese Coin

YR 17 China S$1 LM-871 Pattern

At its best grade, the pattern coin will give you a lot of money. The YR 17 China S$1 is as famous as the man on the head portrait.

This coin has China’s powerful warlord Chang Tso-Lin’s face on the obverse. Chang Tso-Lin led the armies in the 1920s.

China made these coins to celebrate his life after he died. So, expect many buyers to rank this coin because of this legend.

Today, there are only ten pieces of YR 17 China S$1. It shows that they are scarce. Please take a look at some of its unique aspects.


14. 1927 YR 16 Silver Dollar Pattern L & M-962 Chinese Coin

1927 YR 16 Silver Dollar Pattern L & M-962 Chinese Coin

This coin’s beauty and historical art will make you pay a lot of money to have it. When in an average condition, its metal value will attract your eyes.

The coin’s obverse has the portrait of one of China’s most prominent people, Chang Tso-Lin. He was the one who led Manchuria’s army to have a powerful impact on China.

Manchuria minted these coins for Chang Tso-Lin’s personal use. It’s this rich history that makes these coins have a high price.

Expect to get these coins under the best grades. Only a few of them are present today. Here are some of its key features.


15. 1928 Kweichow L & M-609 Chinese Coin

1928 Kweichow L & M-609

China made these coins to honor the first road in Kweichow Province. Today, it’s called Guizhou. Besides the history and metal, the coin’s design makes it valuable.

The head has Kweichow’s governor US model car. It was the only car in the province at that time.

Remember, at that time, there was no mint at Kweichow. A neighboring province made the coins for them.

Also, the letterings on the head and tail say much about China’s culture. Read on to see the coin’s key specs.

  • China minted them in 1928
  • When in an average state, the coin sells at 6462 USD
  • It has a silver metal body with reeds on the sides


16. 1934 Junk LM-110 Dollar Chinese Coin

Every 1934 junk LM-110-dollar grade also carries much Chinese history. You’ll see Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s face on the obverse.

This coin honors the life of this great Chinese leader. Sun also loved to travel to many parts. Also, the ship at the back shows more about China’s innovation history.

The coins are in demand because they replaced the ones with Yuan’s face. Keep reading to see other aspects.

  • The nation minted them in 1921
  • They go for at least 23.27 USD in the lowest grade
  • These coins come from silver



Collectors love the old Chinese coins because of their history and design. Most of these coins show the flow of power among the China leaders.

You’ll see that they have portraits of leaders on the obverse. The letterings also say much about China’s culture.

These old Chinese coins are rare to find. So, if you happen to sell any of them in their best grade, you’ll earn a lot of money.

Also, the coins come from either silver, copper, or gold. It means that they have a high metal value.

Do you think these ancient Chinese coins should hold this high value in today’s market? Please don’t fear to tell us.

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  1. I have been keeping a coin I found over 50 years ago, I believe is from China. Do you think you can identify it? It has two flags on one side, and the other I think its either a twisted serpent or a dragon. It has never been cleaned. I somehow cannot post the picture here, though.

  2. Hi! I have a 1907 Kuping Tael Chinese Dragon Coin. I keep it for how many years. Ama gave this to me when I was working with them in 1999. I dont know if this coin has a value. It’s a big round gold or copper coin. Can you please help me if this is true. If its true i want sell this coin.


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